Everything has become easier now. Previously, it was absolutely necessary to have a programming skill for doing this. But now anybody can do it by himself. It’s not necessary to know any coding afterward. If you have basic skills, you can easily do it. There are many options for installing WordPress in cPanel. But what I am going to discuss the easiest way to install WordPress.


cPanel is an online web hosting control panel. It provides the users’ control of a website with the help of a web browser. Once installed, cPanel cannot be easily uninstalled. Only those who have the full power of hosting service, only they can do it. cPanel LogoThe maximum you can do is to delete the data and start over again. In this case, you have to be an advanced user. For example, from the File Manager of the cPanel, you need to delete or edit the file. After logging in to cPanel, you will get many options. Basically, it may vary from the different hosting provider. But maximum interfaces are same. It can vary from different hosting providers. Two or more options in the interface may be less or more. But it does not matter. Basically, it varies from the version of cPanel and some extra features or options of hosting service provider. The cPanel interface consists of the following sections which are common with other hosting providers also:

  1. Navigation bar
  2. Sidebar
  3. General Information
  4. Features
  5. Statistics


WordPress is a free and open source software. It is a part of biggest script library Softaculous, which is free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Many famous companies, news outlets, e-commerce businesses, blogs, music sites, and celebrities are using WordPress. It is very user-friendly like Microsoft Word or like updating a Facebook status for posting an article. It’s customizable with various themes and plugins.

Installing WordPress

I am now describing you how to install WordPress step by step. First, you need to login to the cPanel. Then scroll down to the bottom and click on Softaculous Apps Installer or you may see WordPress icon directly. Now you will see a new page which looks like below. Here you will see some tabs like (Install, Overview, Features, Screenshots, Demo, Ratings, Reviews, Import). You have to select Install from the tab option first.

Software Setup

  • Choose Protocol: If your site has SSL or if you have purchased this service then choose (HTTPS) otherwise you have to choose (HTTP). You can include www or without www, it depends on you.
  • Choose Domain: If you have only one domain in your hosting then no need to select anything. Automatically it will select your domain.
  • In Directory: Here you can see (wp) in this picture. You have to clear this field. Otherwise, it will look like yourdoamin.com/wp. If somebody types your domain in their browser then automatically it will go to yourdoamin.com/wp. Actually, it creates a new folder under your public_html which is located in your hosting File Manager.

Installing WordPress on cPanel

Site Settings

  • Site Name: In this field, you have to put your website name. It can be your business or company name.
  • Site Description: Site description means brief details of your site. You can use the motto of your company or business.

Admin Account

  • Admin Username: Choose a username for your site login. You cannot change this next time.
  • Admin Password: Choose a strong password.
  • Admin Email: I will suggest you use the email address which one you use often. Better you can use Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail. You can use your email address which you have made from this hosting service.

English is the default language. You can change it and it’s up to you. You can change advanced options by yourself, but it is not necessary. If you do all procedures correctly then scroll down. There you will see an Install button. Click on it and it may take few seconds. After successful installation, you will get a congratulation message.